• We are Creative Nerds

  • We are crazy Coders

  • We are foodies...

We Do and never get tired

We do and never get tired. A deeply rooted name of a product in your brain is a brand. Brain needs a booster to focus and your brand needs weed to boost, Brandweed is journey of a product to a brand, Our services are going to make your success story a gospel that your competitors would read and cry with bitter tears of jealousy. Is your brand on Weed yet ?

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

-- Scott Adams --

We did & they loved it

We did and they showed their gratitude with tears of joy and happiness, just when a miracle happens. We make the impossible, possible. In our dictionary, nothing is impossible. Impossible itself says, I’m Possible, and so do we. Yes! We’re talking our valued clients!

Here's few Famous clients we've worked with so far

The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.

-- Pablo Picasso --

We Are Not Molesters

Proud of our work

Yes we are proud of the mile stones we’ve reached in a short span of time, thus creating a bench mark for others to follow. We love satisfying our clients with the best of the best services, which completely leaves the competitors awestruck with amazement wondering “where that came from!”

Our team comes up with the most random and modish/fresh ideas and concepts which are implemented and executed in the best way possible making others feel dumbfounded.

Weed Team

Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built your dream


Founder /
Cheif Addict Officer

Fawad Qazi


Account Manager

Laila Naqvi


Creative Superhero

Wahab Khan


Social Addict

Anoosha Ahmed


Design Addict

Wasim Karim

We Touch or You May

By now you must have gotten a clearer picture of the innovative air we breathe in, powered by infinite creativity. Do not hesitate to call us or contact us, it would be our pleasure to hear from you and meet up for coffee. We will put our mind to use and do every possible thing which is needed to add our magic. You can easily locate us through the following map. Weed on.


Meydaan Business Centre, 3rd Floor, P.O Box 450676, Dubai, U.A.E

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